Top Places to Visit at Patong in Phuket
By Thomas M Johanson

Patong in Phuket is the island's oldest and most popular tourist destination. It offers a wide variety of activities that appeal to people of all ages. Every location at Patong is worth visiting, and tourists can find endless recreations within the crescent shaped and picturesque beach. Typical activities include swimming and snorkeling in the pristine waters at Patong beach. The following attractions are among the well-known sites that the island has to offer.

Patong Nightlife and Adult Entertainment

Adult singles and couples will have a fabulous time while checking out these top entertainment spots in the island.

1. Muay Thai at Soi Sai Namyen

Muay Thai is Thailand's national sport, and it is a must-see for boxing enthusiasts from many parts of the world. Spectators will experience the drama and passion as the boxers display their fierce and strong moves from beginning to end of each fight. As the competitors engage in fights, the audience can hear loud beating of the drums, cymbals, and high-pitched Javanese clarinets playing at the background. The boxing match is held nightly at the Soi Sai Namyen, a huge stadium at Patong beach.

2. Simon Cabaret

Those who are up for a fun night should witness the nightly shows featured at Simon Cabaret. The show features professional performers and soloists dressed like popular American music artists. These male soloists dress up like beautiful women and present their talent as a cabaret performer. Simon Cabaret is a huge production made up of 100 backstage or show staffs including the producer, director, wardrobe and make-up talents.

3. Soi Bangla

The night comes alive at Soi Bangla, one of the liveliest party zones at Patong. In fact, it is closed to traffic to make room for the numerous guests. Bangla is a popular spot for live music, disco, drinks, and anything that comes with a raunchy nightlife. Beautiful women coax the guests to play a few bar games including Hammer the Nail, or Connect, just to break the ice.

Cultural and Scenic Spots at Patong

Tourists with a fancy for history and culture will appreciate the following destinations that they can find at Patong.

1. Boon Kaw Kong Shrine

Locals and foreigners can check out this famous Chinese Shrine located at Patong Hill. It was built in 1980, and many devotees come back to this place to express their gratitude for every wish that were granted. They set off firecrackers as a sign of respect to the site, while others donate money for maintenance of the shrine. Photography is strictly prohibited inside the shrine of Boon Kaw Kong.

2. Wat Suwan Khiri Wong

This popular Patong Temple is the center of Thai Buddhism. The beautiful structures of the temple include the pagoda, monastery hall, ubosot or chapel, and Buddha statues. Monks who live in the temple visit the villagers to ask for food and other donations.

3. Shell World Museum

Children and those who are fond of shells would love to drop by the Shell World Museum at Patong, particularly in Jungceylon. Jom, one of the leading seashell collectors in the island, operates this museum. Tourists can find various types of seashells, as well as a giant clam that weighs over 200 kilograms.

These are only a few of the countless tourist attractions at Patong. There are always excellent sights to see and activities to do in this interesting and culture-rich island, in Asia.

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Article Source: Thomas M Johanson

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