Thep Our Tuk Tuk Driver From Kata Beach Phuket

by Keith, Roy and Thep
(Kata Beach Phuket)

Thep Our long time Tuk Tuk Friver

Thep Our long time Tuk Tuk Friver

Here is Thep our Tuk Tuk driver, he's the awesome Tuk Tuk driver that drives us to the Patong Bowl weekly to watch Thai boxing, sometimes Thep will let me drive back, "Thep we just love your dedication and truly are grateful for you driving services".

The other night I went to the Patong Bowl to watch some Thai boxing, usually when we go watch the boxing I give Thep a call (he is a Tuk Tuk driver) I know in Kata Beach to give us a ride to the Patong Bowl in Patong Beach, I have driven there a few times but once the fights are over the traffic can get pretty bad in the parking lot, and overall driving on the main beach road at night in Patong can be a little tricky with all the Tuk Tuk's and tourist walking about.

As you can see by the lights, Patong can get pretty wild at night especially during high season when the tourist population almost doubles, but to tell you the truth, sometimes with the amount of tourists it's really hard to tell what season you're in.

But overall Patong is a fun place to go and just walk around and see all the shops and restaurants, the hardest part can be which place you are going to stop and eat at, there are just too many good choices. Patong has the highest concentration of restaurants in Phuket, we have a number of favorite restaurants we like to go to.

Because I love the dining in Patong I started a new web site (, I only have a few pages built, soooo more work in progress.

If you love Phuket as much as I do stop by and visit my new addition to and check out the Phuket Dreamer, I have tons more pictures and videos of this wonderful tropical paradise to share with you.

Thank you so much for stopping by and check back often for more of my Phuket videos.



The retired Navy SEAL

From Kata Beach

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