Some Baffling Facts About Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

One of the very first things that you should know about gambling addiction is that it is not exactly a financial problem that can be controlled. It is also a gigantic mental health issue that a lot of people do not know how to control. A lot of people who have problem gambling have financial issues almost every single day when it comes to gambling. Even the wealthy are not able to recover from a gambling addiction. A gambling addiction is obviously something that is related to the mind. Gambling happens to be an emotional connection between the person and the game. The person obviously feels the urge to gamble, so that they can alleviate all of the stress that they are feeling in their life, because gambling gives them a kind of euphoria.

Gambling addiction is obviously an obsession that can completely take control of your life. It is something that can lead to a loss of job, finances and relationships as well. Down below, I have listed out some lesser-known yet baffling facts of gambling addiction.

1. Firstly, gambling addiction happens to be a mental health disease that affects men and women.


2. Most gambling addicts are so addicted to gambling that they continue to gamble, even when they are doing basic chores. They do so even when they have no access to money and even after they have exhausted their finances. Now that casinos are everywhere, on our phones, tablets, personal computers and more, it is very easy to continue this particular activity.

3. A research has actually shown that 75% of the gamblers are intoxicated while gambling. These people also have an addiction.

4. Now that we are in the year 2021, the pandemic has actually shut down most of the physical casinos, but some of them are operating with a lot of social distancing parameters in place. Gambling addicts have found it very easy to access gambling with the help of online casinos. Online casinos have actually become very successful since last year.

5. Almost 80% of the American population has gambled at least once or twice in their entire lives. Gambling is something that is very accessible in the USA.


6. The casino industry happens to be a multibillion-dollar industry. In the United States of America alone, the casino industry is a $40 billion per year industry. Las Vegas brings in more than $15 billion, every single year. It is home to some of the most extravagant and brilliant casinos in the entire world, and gambling addicts find it to be their temple.

7. It is also very common for people to blame certain kinds of gambling outlets like lotteries and betting, for their compulsive behaviours.

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