Retire in Phuket? Why not! Phuket is vastly becoming one of the most desirable locations in the world for retirement. Here are some key points that make Phuket most desirable:

  •   High quality medical and health care

  •   Superior infrastructure

  •   Modern shopping centers, malls and movie theaters

  •   5 star Phuket dining locations (Here you will find some of the best dining locations in the world).

  •   5 star resorts (some of the best in the world)

  •   Beautiful Andaman Sea and some of the best beaches in the world

  • Why Thailand...

    Thailand is a wonderful place and many travelers have fallen in love with this country.

    Thailand has much to offer and draws more repeat visitors than any other destination in the world.

    Why is Thailand so beautiful? Well it’s enchanting, exotic and no matter what you may be looking for, you are sure to find it in Thailand.

    Thailand is one of the most modern countries in the world, excellent infrastructure, fast and convenient air travel, online banking, fast Internet connections and much more.

    Are you thinking of a good place for retirement?

    If you are, think about this. Are you really happy in your current situation?

    Do you desire to live near a beautiful tropical beach? Can you really survive on your retirement income in your home country?

    These are questions that run through our minds when we are coming toward our retirement years. If you are not happy in your current situation, then it is time to make that change, if Thailand is right for you, then it’s time to get the ball rolling in a new direction.

    Maybe you don’t want to retire, but just want to quit the rat race and do your own thing, live where you desire.

    This can be done and one of the best places of employment for yourself is right here on the Internet, the Internet has opened up a lot of windows for making a living online, this web site is designed not only with information about retiring in Thailand, but also how to make a living online, techniques that work.

    So follow along and find the secret of living in an exotic land, while making a steady cash flow.


    Advantages of living of retiring in Thailand, there are a good number of advantages, below is my summary of the most popular, overtime I will be adding many more, but in the mean time here are a few advantages of retiring in Phuket or anywhere in Thailand.

    Cost of Living

    This is by far the most important reason why Thailand is an excellent location for retirement.

    Many folks are collecting some type of monthly pension, if you are on a pension this really the way to go because you always have that monthly cash flow.

    If you have more than one pension the better, I currently only have one from my retirement from the US Navy, but once I become eligible for Social Security benefits that’s just another check in the bank, I’m still quite a few years away from receiving this benefit.

    We all know we need at least these fundamentals in order to survive; housing, food and water, if you have enough cash flow to cover these fundamentals you’re in there.

    There is one important point I would like to remind you of “Live by Your Means” always make a budget and stick to it.

    A place to live is available for all budget levels, the big factor is where you want to live, example a two-bedroom apartment not far from the beach for just $500.00 USD, if you have the income resources you can live a very lavish lifestyle anywhere from $1800 – $4000 USD per month.

    Thailand is loaded with tasty foods and you can live off of $5.00 a day, plenty of open markets and roadside food stands to choose from.

    Thailand has a very good selection of supermarkets with both Western and Thai foods you should not have any problems finding your ingredients for any type meal you prepare. Just find a budget that works for you.

    A New Lifestyle

    A low Cost of living will really give you a nice new lifestyle, think about the opportunities you normally can’t do in your home country, Thailand because of its low cost will allow you to just about anything. If you are looking for that special SPA treatment western prices normally run $140.00 in Thailand a complete SPA treatment may run you $25.00. Outdoor activities there is much to choose from, SCUBA diving, golfing, sailing and much more, you can find almost any outdoor activity in Thailand for a fraction of the cost.


    If you love to shop, Thailand is known a paradise for shopping, you can find just about anything at rock bottom prices. If you are shopping for clothes, jewelry or furniture you can really find some good deals, most places outside a major mall you can haggle with the vendors to get your best price. My advice is go where the local Thais shop, you can really learn how to shop like the Thais, we always get with our Thai friends, they can always point you in the right direction when it comes to finding a bargain.


    Did you know that Thailand has some of the best medical services in the world? All doctors and nurses are very well trained, Thailand’s government run hospitals have some of the best services around, health tourism is really becoming a big business, and most hospital procedures can be performed at a fraction of the price when you compare it to the United States.

    How Much Money Needed...

    Many Thailand travelers dream of saying goodbye to their current situation of mortgages, routine bills, taxes and cold winters and moving to paradise. Some folks just do it without much thought of planning, but like me, it’s always nice to have a plan, so you can afford to live in Thailand.

    The biggest factor is your age and current life expectancy determines how many years you have to support yourself. What is your general health, if you have a family history of some type disease this factor must be considered, this will help you determine how much to budget for healthcare.

    Lifestyle is critical on how much you need to retire. I know folks that can live in Thailand for less than 30,000 Baht per month, the average is right around 75,000 – 90,000, this figure will be much higher if you plan to travel and spend a good portion on entertainment.

    Most folks that I know, like some of my retired military friends find they can live pretty modest; have a small apartment or house, travel around on a motorbike and eat cheap food. Budgeting to eat is very easy to do, living of $5.00 USD per day for food is very common, if you like to enjoy the more lavish restaurants on a weekly basis, your food costs will go through the roof.

    Testing the waters is the best thing you can do before you make your decision, my advice is come here for a month or two, keep a good log of all your expenses; food, entertainment, etc this will really help you out in your retirement planning success.

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