Phuket Retirement Tips

Thailand retirement tips page will give you some good in-sight information to see if Thailand is the right place for you.

Do as much research about Thailand as possible; this is very important in helping you make your decision. There is a ton of information on the Internet that you can find to help you in just about any retirement category.

Do you know someone who is living in Thailand? You can get some valuable information from someone who is already living there; they already have a good knowledge of the country.

Always be prepared for various situations that you may encounter; health problems, financial worries, cost of living, I could go on and on, but it is important to note that if you are going to live in another country you must come up with some good plans to make your transition as easy as possible.

Be sure that retiring in Thailand is really what you want to do and you will find happiness there before committing to any type of permanent residence.

General Tips


Always do an extended stay in Thailand first, Thailand is a wonderful place and it is easy to fall in love with it rapidly.

Try to visit as many regions in Thailand as possible and put as much research and time in the areas that really interest you.

My advice is don’t rush out and buy a home until you are completely satisfied with the area you really like, your best bet is to find a rental in that particular location, in other words always give the place a test drive before you commit.

Learn how to speak the Thai language, although you can get by speaking English in most of the tourist areas, this will make life whole lot easier for you and the Thais will really appreciate your efforts in learning there language, even though you aren’t that proficient.

There are many schools in Thailand that will teach you the Thai language, also some very good software programs that will really help you along.

Make friends with Thai people, this really helps you integrate into the Thai society, if you just stick with other retirees this really reduces your chance of a complete life in Thailand, by mixing in with Thai folks and understanding their customs and traditions you will feel much more comfortable.

Stay healthy and keep busy there are some many wonderful activities in Thailand where you can participate in many things such as; reading clubs, cooking classes, gym workouts, language classes, volunteer work. Avoid hanging out in the bars and pubs.

Keep a good look at your finances, this is very important.

Remember you want to be happy in the land of smiles without squandering all your money away.

Living in Thailand is really a bargain but you can easily get carried away by indulging in activities you really can’t afford. Always live by your means.

Keep in good communication with your friends and family back home, if your family does not know Thailand that well they may become worried about you, now days it is very easy to communicate with e-mail, social web sites such as facebook, myspace,etc.

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