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Our family has dined in Phuket restaurants all over the island.

And yes, we’ve learned a lot about each location, but there is one thing in-common with all... The people of Phuket take their food sincerely.

And we mean everyone…tourists, local expats, chefs and restaurant owners.

Every patron has his/her favorite dining spot. Every chef and owner we met is very proud and passionate of their skill.

Each location on our guide lists the top five restaurants for that particular area. So naturally, you may disagree with how we rank a particular Phuket restaurant. So, hear is our family’s point of view.

First of all, we are not professional restaurant reviewers. We’re just your simple average family “telling like it is”.

Our eating tastes are very simple. We love to explore and try all sorts of different cuisines. Our family is not obsessive about eating at plush, formal “five-star” locations. We like to experience all types of dining whether it is a five-star restaurant, roadside noodle shop or a hawker food stall. They all have their own distinct characteristics and that’s what makes Phuket dining so fun.

Our family is most comfortable in a pair of shorts ‘n’ sandals on a simple beachside eatery or a noodle house in Phuket Town. So the fresh fish, prawns and lobster right off the fisherman’s boat has the edge over “Las Vegas five-star” type restaurant.

However, our family likes to explore and try the fancier and more formal restaurants every now and then. (These may be your first choice) so please don’t take our reviews to serious.

Our Phuket restaurant reviews come down to one common value “we like what we like” How was the service? Did we feel comfortable? Was the setting like we expected? Was it to formal? Or could it just be just another expensive meal we could have experienced back home?

Whatever dining experience you are looking for, you’ll find “your” favorite Phuket Dining best.

Our family love’s “doing what we do” finding, experiencing and writing about the best dining location in the world. “Phuket Thailand”.

Do you have a favorite Phuket dining experience to share?
If so, please let me know by clicking here.

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