Phuket French crepes or pancakes or whichever name you prefer is a tasty food entrée you can find on the many beach roadsides in Phuket Thailand. Some of the most popular locations are at Patong beach or Kata beach. Watching these guys make these crepes is simply amazing, they use just a tiny bit of batter, slice up a banana, once cooked they fold it into a nice little crepe and top it with chocolate or other favorite topping.

Depending upon the location, you will spend about thirty Baht for this tasty Thai pancake; these roadside stands do very good business behind the beach making multiple crepes to hungry beach tourists. If you don’t want banana you have a good choice of filings, see my picture below to see what other filings they use, to many to mention, the picture says it all.

The Thai pancakes make great after dinner snacks, below are some pictures and video we took at Patong and Kata beach, see how these tasty pancakes are made first hand.

Phuket Crepes

Phuket Crepes

Phuket Crepes

Phuket Crepes

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