The Phuket forum is an open forum where you can read, submit, vote and comment on Phuket news stories and article submissions.

You can post just about anything that relates to Phuket in this general forum. Have a YouTube, Google or AOL video you want to share? If you do, just get the code of that video and paste it in the big box, “it’s that easy”, its fun to share video clips and especially fun to watch.

If you belong to an image host service such as Photobucket, Webshots or any other of the popular image host services, you can use the code and post slideshows or individual pictures to the forum posts.

Or just keep it simple and just type in your experiences in this tropical island paradise.

I and our visitors’ would love to hear or read about your experiences on this lush tropical island of Phuket.

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For Hoteliers Only: 
TheHotelOwnerFromHell Blog This is a blog where hoteliers can spew their venom about ruthless hotel owners and their often equally despicable ilk. …

No, this is not diving in Phuket that's for sure..This is one of my early SEAL Team days, this is a picture of my platoon back in 1988, here we are conducting …

Claiming My Blog at Technorati 
Please ignore this post. I'm about to claim my blog at Technorati, and they require some code to do this. Technorati Profile

New Look and Feel for Phuketdining 
Today I designed a new look and feel for Phuketdining, I have been wanting to change the old look for awhile. But like anything it's still work in progress. …

Phuket Beaches page coming along fine Not rated yet
My new Phuket Beaches page is about a third complete, you can view some of the beach video that will be included on my new beach page here: …

New Content Page Coming Soon To Phuketdining Not rated yet
Just want to give you a little update on what I am doing. First, I am adding a new page called Phuket Beaches, I am working on the page as we speak, my …

Do You Love Phuket As Much As I Do Not rated yet
Do you love Phuket as much as I do? Come join my new addition to Phuketdining, check out the Phuket Dreamer. The Phuket Dreamer has several advantages: …

Design Your Own Marketing Plan At The Phuket Dreamer Not rated yet
Take advantage of my Phuket Dreamer and add exposure to your business, for FREE. At the Phuket Dreamer you can build and design your own page and add as …

Check Out The Phuket Dreamer Not rated yet
Do you love Phuket as much as I do! Visit my newest addition to (The Phuket Dreamer), here you will find many more great pictures and …

Phuket Dreamer Not rated yet
Phuket Dreamer...It's like livin in Phuket itself! Comment on the news (write your own) chat forums, share stories, photos and videos. Visit …

alexa traffic rank for phuketdining Not rated yet
Here is my recent up to date traffic rank for, not bad considering there are over 56 million web sites on the Internet. I am getting …

What Topic Is Phuketdining Lacking? Not rated yet
What topic(s) are missing from Do you have a suggestion to make this site better?

New "Events" link on left navigation menu Not rated yet
Notice at the bottom of the left menu a new tab "Phuket Events". You can list any event happening on Phuket, Samui, Phi Phi, Krabi by clicking that …

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