Phuket Brasserie (18 Rassada Rd., Phuket Town)

by PhuketGoodEat

My girlfriend and I went for dinner at Phuket Brasserie (Oyster Bar & Grill). It’s a newly open restaurant in town, so we decided to give it a try. IT WAS OUR BIGGEST MISTAKE!!! The place looked to be fancy, but the staffs and especially the owner themselves (a Belgian guy and a Thai wife) don’t even know what they’re doing at all. The food level was between average to poor. But the service was UNACCEPTABLE. Why?... First we ordered oysters, foie gras, and goat cheese salad and white wine to start. Oyster and foie gras come very quickly, but no sign of wine and salad. Until we asked, 2 glasses of white wine come a big while after. But we noticed the 2 glasses were different, one looked chilled (can see the mist on the glass) while another was not. So we ask the waitress to change the warmer one. Again another big while, the owner come and told us that they only have one glass of the wine we ordered left in the chilled bottle, so another glass was from an unchilled one. (Don’t they know how should each of their wine be served???) Thus we were forced to order the different wine from the only chilled bottle that they have. Until we got the second glass of wine served, we finished the foie gras and our oyster was warm already. …. and wait!!! Then we realized our salad hasn’t come, so again we asked the girl. ….Another big while another guy (I guess he’s the owner) come out and informed us that they forgot to post the order for our salad and ask if we still want it? And they can get it for us in 5 minutes… so we said yes.

Just short after the salad come, the same guy come and asked us if they can serve our main dish right away since they already started cooking them. (remember? They forgot our salad !!) We should have said No, but to be nice, Yes, we said. (My girlfriend ordered grilled rack of lamb and I ordered a beef stew) And we also picked another 2 glasses of red wine to come with them.
Our main dish again comes quickly and we haven’t finished the salad. The table for two wasn’t too big, so we had to rush and finish our salad since the waitress has already brought our main dishes and try to put them on our small table. SMART?!?!?
My beef stew was average – the meat was tough and over seasoned. The grilled rack of lamb was horrible – for 750 Baht (about $25) the 4 thin slices was overcooked and you can easily take each in one bite easily.
Again the red wine we ordered didn’t come. My girlfriend finished 1 rack of lamb and I finished about one third, they we decided to wait for our wine. We remind that to our waitress. And a while (another long long while) the owner’s wife come to us and said sorry, they ran out of the wine we ordered. YES, IT TOOK THEM ABOUT HALF AN HOUR TO REALIZE THEY DON”T HAVE THAT WINE. Again, we were forced to pick another wine. Until the wine come, our food was COLD. And sure we complain them for this and asked for a new dish. All staffs and owners disappeared into the kitchen for, again, another big while, before they come out to serve another table, that we get chance to ask if the new dish of lamb will come. Then we get the answer. Then the lambs come, BUT without the side (the vegetable that previously come with it). Again we ask about it, and again no answer. But this time we’re to sick of it and don’t want to bother anymore. We finished our dinner and asked for the bill. The owner’s wife come out and brought us our bill and told us that they gave us 10% discount for their mistake. We then try to tell her what’s wrong with their service and although they’re newly opened (a few months) they should be more ready and act more professional than this. But this lady doesn’t seem to appreciate our comments and told us that if we’re not happy, we don’t have to pay. She grabbed the bill back and walked away. What an attitude for a restaurant owner? OUR BAD FEELING CAN’T BE BOUGHT BY A FREE MEAL, SO WE DECIDED TO PAY FOR THE BILL FOR THE AMOUNT THE OWNER ORIGINALLY THOUGHT THEIR FOOD AND SERVICES WORTH IT. And we surely will not go back to this restaurant or recommend anyone to go there again.

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Mar 09, 2011
The Brasserie in Phuket Town
by: Dennis Bacon

Having just read the recent review of The Brasserie I am very surprised. I have eaten there on at least a dozen occasions, often taking guests. I have eaten all of the dishes mentioned in the review and all ranged from very good to excellent. I eat out 3-4 times each week whether in Europe or Asia and am fortunate enough to be able to patronise good quality restaurants. Whilst I do not doubt that the reviewer had some issues with the service (to be fair this is an issue in a number of new restaurants) I have found the staff to be obliging and eager to please. It is a pity that the reviewer had a poor experience but it does appear exaggerated to me and is certainly the complete opposite of my experience and that of many of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances. As for the owner's Thai wife appearing rude, well I know her quite well and she is very charming and obliging. For those reading the last review I'd simply say - Don't be put off, the food is excellent, sensibly priced and the service is good. The wines are also good and not overpriced plus there's an amazing selection of Belgian beers and a great ambience. I know my restaurants and my food and wine. I would recommend The Brasserie without hesitation.

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