One Of The Top Resorts Overlooking Kata Beach

by Keith
(Kata Beach Resort)

Courtyard of The Kata Beach Resort Phuket

Courtyard of The Kata Beach Resort Phuket

Insider Tour Kata Beach Resort 2008

One of the most beautiful resorts in Kata Beach, you can find this resort on the southern end of Kata Beach, you'll love the beach area at this resort and it has 2 pools just off the beach.

I live up on the northern end of Kata beach so I like to come down here often, I run by this resort on a daily basis during my early morning exercise and I always run into folks out enjoying the beach. If you like to surf or body board the southern area of Kata beach is the best location for it.

So when you are in Phuket, check out Kata Beach, you'll be glad you did, it really is a special place.



The retired Navy SEAL

Buds Class 137

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