Noodle dishes in Phuket City

Pasta type of noodles made from flour

is one of Phuket's local identities.
Hokkien Mee are round yellow noodles,
bigger than normal noodles.
They are similar to Japanese type 'So Ba'.

There are two choices of Hokkien noodles,
with or without soup. But popular among locals
are fried Hokkien noodles with sauce &
meat ingredients like pork, fish, squid & mussels.
The fried noodles are then served in a bowl
in which medium boiled egg is prepared.
It's served hot, with red onion and ground chili.

'Put cooking oil, meat such as squid, pork,
fish ball slices & soy sauce as main ingredients.
Then add sugar & vegetable.
You can either use big flat noodles or vermicelli,
but the best seller is round yellow noodles.'

'It depends on the heat & we have techniques
to work with the pan.
Strong or less fire or heat influences the taste.
The more we keep stirring & moving,
the more it gets delicious.'

Mee Hoon Pa Chang is another local dish
popular in Phuket.
It is vermicelli, fried in soy source
& garnished with fried onion flakes
& fresh chopped Chinese chives.
The dish is usually taken with pork soup.
The recipe was originated by someone called
'Pa Chang', so local people call the dish
'Mee Hoon Pa Chang'.

Mee Sua soup with egg or pork
is also a Phuket breakfast,
sold along side boiled rice or rice porridge.
The noodles are tiny like vermicelli, but softer.
There is a production factory
for dried vermicelli in Phuket.
The Mee Sua tastes similar to noodles dishes.
'Having Mee Sua soup is good in the morning
as the noodles are tender. It's good for the throat.
It comprises minced pork, tongue, liver, intestines.
If you want to taste Mee Sua,
try it in Phuket as the recipe originates here.'

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