Naiyang beach Phuket 2012 is a beautiful beach that is located a few minutes from Phuket International airport, the beach is much easier to access than Naithon beach. The beach is actually right next to a national park, when you first drive into the entrance fork if you make a right turn this will bring you to the park, going left well bring you to the main beach of Naiyang just down the road.

Nai Yang beach is known for its kite boarding during the monsoon season when the winds are good you will see plenty of kite board activity all around the bay area of Nai Yang, there are also numerous kite board businesses along the small little road that runs behind the beach. There are also quite a few small little seaside restaurants scattered up and down road.

There are a few notable abandoned resorts you’ll notice when you first arrive; I believe these resorts were destroyed during the December 2004 tsunami and were never repaired, the first one is on the left hand side of the road on the north side of the beach, the sign says “Nai Yang Beach Resort” it one time this probably was a nice place, not so today, not sure what well ever happen to this run down resort.

The other abandoned resort is located on the very southern part of the beach, I do not know what the name of this abandoned resort is but by the looks of it, it probably was a nice place to stay for vacation.

Nai Yang is either can be either nice or…… not so nice depending upon how you look at it, if you enjoy kite boarding this area is awesome, but if you are looking for white sandy serene surroundings it’s really not that good, but this does not stop the condominium developers, there is a new condominium development just as you enter the fork in the road right at the fork in the road to either the national park or the main beach area, nice development but not sure how successful the sales are doing.

Beach Photo's

NaiYang Beach Phuket 2012

NaiYang Beach Phuket 2012

NaiYang Beach Phuket 2012

NaiYang Beach Phuket 2012

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