Nai Thon Beach Phuket was all that we dreamed it would. You see…Nai Thon Beach can best be described as what Phuket was like in former times. One of the best Phuket resorts is located on this beach; we had the opportunity to spend some time at the Andaman White Beach Resort.

The resort is beautiful; it sits among a stunning coconut grove right near the hillside. The stretch of beach in front of the resort is one of the best on the island, and it truly is a sight to see.

We ventured into the little village not so far away from the resort; here you will find some very small open air restaurants. We ate a few of these small authentic Thai eateries and were amazed at the quality of food they serve.

If you’re looking for the “romantic” pictorial setting, Nai Thon Beach has one of the best settings for your special occasion. You’ll just love those picture perfect sunsets over the Andaman Sea.

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If you’re coming from Phuket airport it’s only about a 15 minute drive. If you crave for some of Phuket’s famous nightlife and shopping, you can reach Patong Beach in roughly 30 – 40 minutes.

Here is our list our favorite Nai Thon Beach restaurants…

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Tom Yam restaurant ($$$) We consider a Nai Thon Beach Phuket “best” Thai cuisine location.This is the first restaurant we ate at during our stay at the Andaman White Beach Resort. If you love Thai cuisines, like we do, they have some pretty good Thai seafood dishes to choose from. You can enjoy your meal while taking in some remarkable views of the beach.

Mareblue” Corner ($$$) Nai Thon Beach Phuket “best” Italian cuisine location.

This fine restaurant is located within the Andaman White Beach Resort. If you like Italian cuisines you’ll enjoy the menu selections they have to offer.

Jasmine Rice restaurant ($$$) You can find this restaurant within the Naithonburi Beach resort Phuket. This is another Nai Thon Beach Phuket “excellent” location. The restaurant serves a variety of international and Thai cuisines and the service is great.

Beach Bar and Pizzeria ($$) We consider this restaurant Nai Thon Beach Phuket “best” dessert location. The restaurant is located within the Andaman White Beach Resort.

Coconut Terrace ($$$) Nai Thon Beach Phuket “best” breakfast buffet location.

If you’re looking for that simple place to eat after a long day enjoying the beach and ocean, the Coconut Terrace is a relaxing place to unwind. The restaurant is located within the Andaman White Beach Resort and is only steps within the beach.

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It seems that a great new restaurant opens every week in Nai Thon Beach.

So stay tuned for more reviews by our family and by visitors to

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