Learn To Cook At The Phuket Thai Cookery School

by Phuket Thai Cookery School

Phuket Thai Cookery School

Phuket Thai Cookery School

Phuket Thai Cookery School Offer You a Choice of 5 Different Courses

The Phuket Thai Cookery School is now offering you a comprehensive Thai Cooking courses, which starts with an introduction to Thai ingredients, a visit of local market, to actual cooking, with a wide selection of mouth-watering Thai dishes.

Each course has been designed as a one-day course. You are able to select one or all of the courses you are particularly interested in. Courses are suitably arranged to accommodate not only meat lovers but also vegetarians with a substitution of mock meats and fresh vegetables. The lessons have a warm and easy-going atmosphere of Thai hospitality, breathtaking scenery of the mountains and miles of sandy white beach on Siray Island.

You will also have the chance to prepare food yourself stip by stip with a great help from professional instructors.

If you want to have fun, learn something new and experience Thai culture, The Phuket Thai Cookery School is your best choice.

If you by nature enjoy Thai food and are interested in learning the art of Thai cuisine from highly-experienced teachers who are expert in teaching on Thai-style cooking, the Phuket Thai Cookery School is now offering a comprehensive Thai cooking course, which starts right from the introduction to Thai ingredients, market tour, to actual cooking, with a wide selection of Thai main popular dishes.

We offer you 1-5 day courses. Each course has been designed as a one-day course so that you can select which courses you are highly interested in. All of our courses are completely hand on. Therefore, you will have a chance to prepare and cook all the dishes by yourself from start to finish with teachers close by to give advice and suggestions.

In class, the instructor will show you step-by-step how to chop vegetables and cook in a very proper way and easy to follow. In addition, he will provide you with an extensive knowledge of Thai ingredients and an access to alternative cooking methods, cooking tips, essential information and subsititution for each dish. You will be equipped with your very own cooking station, without sharing with others and necessary cooking utensils. Your lesson with Phuket Thai Cookery School is guaranteed to be educational and memorable. You will go home happy with a high confidence to be able to set an elaborate dinner party for your friends and families back home.

Phuket Thai Cookery School is suitably located right by the beautiful provate beach on Siray Island, just 10 minutes from Phuket town. It is absolutely a perfect place for you to spend your vacation and experience the greatness of Thai cooking. You will feel very relaxing never before while you are cooking, as you are able to view outrageous scenery of Andaman Sea and feel the serenity of the nature surroundings. The cooking areas are specifically designed for the greatest convenience and safety. They are very spacious that you are able to work comfortably without bumping to each other.

Cooking utensils are kept clean and in theiry best conditions. Most importantly, gas system is set up by the standard and the supervision of the Phuket Hotel Associations. From now on, Phuket will mean not only just a relaxing destination amid the beauty of nature, but also a place offering you a closer experience of Thai culture through learning how to cook Thai food with Phuket Thai Cookery School.

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