Cheap Thai fruit in Phang Nga

The rainy days are with us again in the Andaman region right now. On a heavy rainy day, rubber plantation work is impossible. Villagers in Thayu of Phang-Nga then turn to harvest their fruits in orchards to put products on sale and urge people to consume Thai tropical fruits. More details are in our special report today.

Driving on the main road from Phang-Nga to Phuket, we can see many fruit stalls along roadsides. The distinctive ones are in Thakuathung district at a village called Thayu. There are many fresh direct from orchards tropical fruits put on sale at cheap prices.

They are local durians, rambutan and mangosteen, all direct from the farms at their back yards. Some may not like the smell of durian, but to many, like most Thais and Chinese or those from Brunei Darussalam, they are fond of durian also known as the king of fruit. Not only freshly sold, the durian can be transformed into preserved food, with no additional preserved substance added.
( Shopper / consumer: Whenever I pass on this road, I stop to shop for some fruits. They are good quality and I do want to support Thai farmers. They work hard and I also love Thai fruits.)

The villagers here have been living with sustainable economy or sufficiency principles advocated by HM the King.
A local scholar, Uncle Per as he is called by many, or Sompong Pornpol, plays leading roles in educating and being a role model for residents here. He is not only good at farming but also lays out or suggests marketing plans or sales channels for local farmers. Most fruits are available at economical prices to attract repeat customers. Some are sold at wholesale for middlemen to take to other provinces.

(Sompong Pornpol / local scholar Our fruits are popular among Thais and Chinese tourists in particular. The Chinese visitors normally like to taste and we make good sales when they visit. We welcome Thais or foreigners to taste or try out our products. We want Phang-Nga fruits to be well-known whether you buy from Thakua Thung or Thayu. )

(Mayuree Chinda / Orchard farmer I do not earn income from rubber plantations in the rainy season. We rely mainly on fruits sales. ) This is another good example of Thai agriculturalists who adapt and apply to seasons. They of course need plans and unity and get together as a group to share and earn a living and they said they want to promote Thai or tropical fruit consumption. If you drive near those fruit stalls, they kindly request that you stop by and try freshly picked Thai fruits in Phang-Nga.

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